B2B’s Work Stay Play Publication
The Ultimate Marketing Package to suit all - business, tourism and the community.

How it works

Printed Edition

The printed copies are distributed throughout the Central Coast to Business, Rural and Residential homes. The delivery areas change each issue. Bulk copies are left in high traffic areas, such as cafes in business districs and tourist areas.

1. Distribution on the Central Coast to:

Delivered to different areas each month.

2. Out of region

Online Edition

Creating Cyber Space Communications

By just pressing a key or wiggling a mouse you can join Central Coast businesses in utilising each other’s databases and social media avenues to blanket the coast and beyond. In doing this you have just been a part of the largest no contact networking event on the Central Coast.Note: At no stage are you giving out your database, you are utilising your database and keeping in contact with your clientele.

Online marketing through Social Media & Databases – potential readership is 100,000+


Uniting Central Coast Businesses and the
Working together for the growth and stability of
our region.